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Why Egypt is a land of great beauty?

Why Egypt is a land of great beauty?

Egypt is a land of great beauty. It has a lot of historical places and monuments. It has one of the longest rivers around the world, Nile River. The capital of Egypt, Cairo, includes the Egyptian museum, the Coptic museum that contains sixteen thousand pieces of Coptic legacy. Also, there is Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church, known as The Hanging Church. That church is one of the oldest churches in Egypt that dates to the third century. One of the greatest landmarks of Cairo, is Cairo Tower which has been the tallest structure in Egypt and North Africa till 1971. Yet, Cairo has Salah El Din Citadel settled on the Mukattam mountain. Throughout the country, there are twenty-six locations where the Holy Family passed through. These twenty-six locations are considered to be a Christian pilgrimage by the Pop of Vatican. In Giza, you can see the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Another amazing city is Alexandria, the bride of the Mediterranean. In it, a lighthouse lights up in the sea for ships. Alexandria Library is one of the largest libraries all over the world and containing many books in various fields. That city also has The Roman Theatre and Kaitbai Castle. Three monasteries of Wadi El Natron are settled between Cairo and Alexandria. We can’t forget the clear water of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada where diving individually or with submarines and seeing the amazing and colorful coral reef and various types of fish. These two seas look out over the Red Sea. Near it, Saint Catherine which is regarded as the biggest natural sanctuary in Egypt. In an oasis in the Eastern Desert of the country, Monastery of Saint Anthony is standing. Actually, it is the first monastery in the world. One third of world’s monuments is in Luxor. There are a lot of temples such as Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Hatshepsut Temple and The Ramsium Temple. Besides, Valley of The Kings where the tombs of pharaohs are found. Moving southly to Aswan where there is Philae Temple built by the Romans for Isis goddess as well as The Nubian Temple. Another temple found there, is Abu-Simbel of king Ramses the second. Plus, High Dam which saves the country from flooding and contributes in generating electricity. Another wonderful town, is Faiyom as it has Hawara Pyramid plus the Whale Valley sanctuary containing whale frames, shark teeth and shells back to 40 million years. There is also Wadi El Rayan which is famous for wild animals, its lakes and sulphurous water wells. Finally, Egypt is really a precious country full of charming places.

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