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Tag: Nature Exploration

Valley of whales (Egypt)

Wadi Al-Hitan, or Valley of whales is a paleontological site in the Faiyum Governorate of Egypt, some 150 km southwest of Cairo. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2005mfor its hundreds of fossils of some of the earliest forms of whale, the archaeoceti (a now extinct sub-order of whales). The site reveals evidence for the explanation of one […]

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Sahl Hasheesh Bay (Egypt)

The Sahl Hasheesh Bay is home to a number of islands and coral reefs with diving and snorkeling. The nearby Abu Hasheesh Island is a local protectorate containing a thriving community of marine life.  

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Taba (Egypt)

Taba  is an Egyptian town near the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba. Taba is the location of Egypt’s busiest border crossing with neighbouring Eilat, Israel. Taba is a frequent vacation spot for Egyptians and tourists, especially those from Israel on their way to other destinations in Egypt or as a weekend getaway. It is the northernmost resort of Egypt’s Red […]

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Colorful Valley (Egypt)

Explore the story of the natural wonders of the Sinai This place is not only a valley. It is a bright rocky maze that is colored in yellow, purple, and red. In addition to unique patterns similar to swirls that you might get lost in if you look at them for a period longer than […]

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Nature Exploration (egypt)

Dominated by a harsh, unforgiving but beautiful desert and divided by the world’s longest river, nature travel in Egypt is something beautiful to experience.

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Valley of the Camels (Egypt)

Relax with the most peaceful, interesting way to explore the desert hinterland with its’ mountainous scenery, beautiful sunsets, starlit nights and unique wildlife as well discover more about the Bedouin culture in Wadi ElGemal National Park

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