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Terms and Conditions of Kings Land Tour

Our Agreement

When you book a tour with Kings Land Tour LLC USA (0451145974) , you are entering into a contract with us. This contract encompasses all terms and conditions outlined below. Regardless of whether you book directly with us or through a third-party agent, these terms apply.

By making a booking, you agree to abide by the following:

·        The Booking Conditions and Privacy Policy

·        Specific Trip Notes relevant to your tour

·        Any additional terms and conditions that may be applicable

Upon acceptance of these conditions, a contract is formed. Your booking confirmation will detail the services included in your tour. The term 'you' or 'your' refers to the lead passenger and all individuals listed on the booking. The lead passenger, by making the booking, accepts these terms on behalf of all participants.

Reservation & Payment :-

To secure a booking, a non-refundable deposit of USD 150 per person (or equivalent in booking currency) is required. Once the booking is confirmed, balance payment details will be provided.

We reserve the right to decline a booking at our discretion. A binding contract is established upon issuance of a booking confirmation, detailing tour specifics.

The balance for all bookings must be paid no later than 60 days before the tour departure date. Bookings within this 60-day window require full payment. Payment methods accepted include debit cards. Documents will be sent to the lead passenger's email address. Failure to complete payment may result in reservation cancellation. We reserve the right to adjust prices for unsold holidays and correct any pricing errors.

For bookings made at travel shows or exhibitions, a non-refundable deposit lower than $150 per person may apply, subject to confirmation within 15 days by Kings Land Tour.

As the lead passenger, you're responsible for all payments, notifications of changes or cancellations, and keeping your party informed. By booking for others, you confirm you have necessary consents and ensure accuracy of information provided.

Travel Insurance :-

Travel insurance is mandatory for all tour participants and a condition of our contract. Clients must arrange their own insurance, providing evidence if requested. Credit card insurance or reciprocal medical agreements may not offer comprehensive coverage.

An adequate insurance policy should cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, and personal needs. It's your responsibility to ensure coverage for pre-existing conditions and tour activities. We are not liable for loss or damage to personal belongings during the tour.

Failure to provide proof of suitable insurance may result in booking cancellation. We will not be liable for any losses if you choose to travel without adequate insurance cover.


Client Cancellation Policy :-

Clients must submit cancellations in writing to Kings Land Tour via email at info@kingslandtour.com before the tour commencement. Confirmation of cancellation will be provided upon request. If confirmation is not received, clients should promptly contact us. Cancellation terms during the balance payment period (60-0 days before departure) are as follows:

·        60 days or more before departure: Deposit retained by Kings Land Tour

·        59-35 days before departure: 70% of tour fee forfeited

·        35-0 days before departure: 100% of tour fee forfeited

For tour bookings that include flights:

·        90 days or more before departure: Deposit retained by Kings Land Tour

·        89-60 days before departure: 70% of tour fee forfeited

·        59-31 days before departure: 85% of tour fee forfeited

·        30-0 days before departure: 100% of tour fee forfeited

For bookings modified with an amendment fee (modified less than 60 days before original departure), no refund is possible upon cancellation.

Cancellation by Kings Land Tour LLC :- 

Kings Land Tour reserves the right to cancel a tour for various reasons but will not do so less than 42 days before departure, except in cases of Force Majeure, Low Bookings, or failure to pay the final balance by the client. In case of cancellation, all monies paid except for travel insurance will be returned, or an alternative tour of comparable standard will be offered (excluding flight tickets or unrelated items). No compensation will be provided if cancellation is due to Force Majeure or Low Bookings.

We are not liable for losses resulting from events beyond our control, such as war, terrorism, civil unrest, weather conditions, or transportation disruptions.

Itinerary Changes :-

Changes to itineraries may be necessary due to various reasons, including weather, traffic, or mechanical issues with vehicles. Every effort will be made to address such issues promptly. In some cases, vehicle replacements may be necessary. We cannot be held responsible for delays caused by breakdowns.

Changes by Kings Land Tour LLC :-

While we strive to operate tours as advertised, circumstances may require adjustments to itineraries or services. We reserve the right to cancel, modify, or substitute facilities, accommodations, or services without compensation to clients. In case of major changes before departure, clients may choose an alternative tour, different travel arrangements, or a full refund. The definition of a "major change" will vary based on individual tours and circumstances.


Client-Requested Changes :- 

Any modifications, amendments, or additions to bookings must be confirmed at least 60 days before the departure date to avoid cancellation or amendment fees. New clients can be added to an existing booking based on current online deals.

a) Changes to Names and Tour Dates:

·        Changes requested 60-30 days before departure incur an amendment fee of $50 per person.

·        Changes requested within 29 days of departure are at the discretion of Kings Land Tour.

b) Changes to Tour Destinations:

·        Changes requested 60-30 days before departure incur an amendment fee of $75 per person.

·        Changes requested within 29 days of departure are at the discretion of Kings Land Tour.

Changes to tour dates or destinations are subject to availability. If the revised tour has a higher price, the price difference must be paid by the client. Bookings cannot be transferred to travel dates outside of the seasonal dates specified in the Kings Land Tour brochure or website at the time of booking. Clients are responsible for any hotel cancellation charges for unused pre-tour, post-tour, or extra accommodation.

Pre & Post Tour Accommodation :-

Pre- and post-tour accommodation can be arranged through us. Payment for extra accommodation must be made at least one week before the tour departure. Unpaid accommodation within 7 days of departure will be considered cancelled. Airport transfers for pre-tour accommodations are arranged upon payment confirmation.

Inclusions :-

Tour price includes accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, meals, and services of a group leader as listed in the tour inclusions. Baggage allowances may vary depending on flight details.

Exclusions :-

Tour price excludes flights, visas, insurance, extra meals/drinks, personal items, entrance fees, tips, port taxes, fuel supplements, departure taxes, optional activities, and services not stated in the inclusions.

Airport Transfers :-

Most tours include airport transfers, arranged upon providing flight details at least 10 days before arrival. Transfers are available if stated in the tour inclusions.

Group Size :-

Group sizes may increase by up to 20% depending on demand, destination, and season.

Solo Passengers :-

Solo passengers may share rooms based on availability, with no additional single supplement fee unless a private room is requested. Single rooms may not be available for certain tours.


Unused Services :-

No refunds will be provided if a client fails to join a tour, arrives after departure, or leaves before completion.

If a member of your group cannot travel, their spot can be transferred to another suitable person or date with prior written notice. A "suitable person" must meet all booking conditions, present valid travel insurance, and obtain approval from us. If no replacement is found, cancellation charges apply as outlined in the terms.

Cancellation by the Client: If a replacement cannot be arranged, cancellation charges will be applicable. No refunds are given for unused services or clients not traveling.

Special Offers & Discounts :- 

Special offers and discounts are only applicable at the time of booking and cannot be applied retrospectively. Additional terms may apply during specific campaigns, available on the Kings Land Tour website. Only one discount can be applied per booking, with the highest saving being applied in cases where multiple discounts may apply.

Age & Health :- 

Clients must ensure they are physically fit to complete the tour itinerary. Clients aged 65 or above may need to complete a Tour Suitability Form. Unaccompanied minors under 18 are not accepted on tours. Clients agree to follow instructions of tour leaders and may be excluded if their health or conduct endangers the tour, with all payments forfeited.

Dietary and Special Requirements :- 

All dietary requirements must be stated at booking. While efforts are made to accommodate special diets, we cannot guarantee fulfillment. Clients with medical conditions affecting their trip must inform us in writing at booking. If we cannot reasonably accommodate their needs, we reserve the right to decline the booking or request they be accompanied by someone able to assist them throughout the trip.


Visa & Travel Documents :-

Clients are responsible for obtaining all necessary visas, passports, health certificates, and travel documentation. It is their duty to ensure these documents are valid and to cover any additional costs resulting from non-compliance with requirements.

Visa support documents provided by Kings Land Tour are solely for visa application purposes and are not valid for travel.

Responsibility of Your Travel Agent :-

Your agent acts as a mediator between you and us, conveying information accurately and in a timely manner. We are not liable for any shortcomings or misinformation provided by your agent.

Price Accuracy and Validity :-

Prices, itineraries, and dates are valid from the publication of our brochure in May 2024 until December 31, 2024. Kings Land Tour reserves the right to modify facilities, services, prices, accommodations, itineraries, or vehicles without liability for compensation or refund.

While we strive for accuracy, occasional errors may occur in pricing and information. We reserve the right to rectify such errors and adjust prices accordingly. It's your responsibility to verify the current price and details before making a booking.

Supplier Conditions :-

Certain holiday services are provided by independent suppliers, each with their own terms and conditions. These terms form part of your contract with us. Some terms may limit the supplier's liability. Copies of relevant terms are available upon request. We do not accept responsibility for services not included in the tour package.

Authority During Tours :-

Tours are led by Kings Land Tour guides or leaders, whose decisions regarding safety and well-being are final. Failure to comply with their decisions or jeopardizing group safety may result in expulsion from the tour without refund. Clients must adhere to local laws, customs, and regulations, as well as our responsible travel guidelines.

We are not liable for the actions of other tour members, guests, or unrelated individuals.


Your Responsibility to Us :-

Clients are expected to behave appropriately and not disrupt others' enjoyment. If, in the reasonable opinion of any Kings Land Tour representative, your condition poses a risk to yourself or others, or if you become a nuisance, you may be denied participation in the trip without refund. We will inform you of the reasons for this action. We are not liable for expenses resulting from your inability to complete the trip or for any refunds. If issues arise during air travel, the captain may refuse boarding if your behavior is deemed disruptive or dangerous.

Additionally, you are liable for reimbursing us for any expenses incurred due to your behavior. You may also be responsible for damages caused, and you agree to pay for any such damages directly to the relevant supplier. Failure to do so may result in legal action, with you being liable for associated costs.

You agree to indemnify us against all losses arising from third-party actions resulting from your actions on the trip.

Acknowledgement of Risk & Indemnification :-

You acknowledge the adventurous nature of the trip and understand the associated risks. Kings Land Tour trips expose participants to potential hazards beyond typical package holidays. By booking a tour, you accept these risks voluntarily. If you engage in activities not included in our tours, you assume full responsibility and indemnify Kings Land Tour against related claims.

We accept responsibility for death, injury, or loss resulting from negligence by our employees, officers, agents, or direct suppliers. However, we are not liable if the incident results from your actions, actions of unaffiliated parties, or unforeseeable circumstances. We do not guarantee snow conditions for ski tours.

Sailing boats used by Kings Land Tour are fully insured by their captains, who also carry accident insurance for passengers. Therefore, any claims related to accidents on board sailing boats must be addressed directly with the boat's captain, and you indemnify Kings Land Tour against such claims.

Responsibility of Kings Land Tour :-

1.     Kings Land Tour acknowledges responsibility as an "organiser" under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992. We will provide or arrange services as agreed upon in your confirmation invoice. If we or our suppliers negligently fail to provide the services outlined, we will offer reasonable compensation. It is your responsibility to prove negligence if you wish to make a claim against us.

2.     We will not compensate for any injury, illness, death, loss, damage, expense, or other claim resulting from:

·        Actions or omissions of the affected person.

·        Actions or omissions of unrelated third parties that were unforeseeable or unavoidable.

·        Unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our or our supplier's control.

·        Events that neither we nor our suppliers could have anticipated or prevented.

3.     Our liability is limited as follows:

a. For loss or damage to luggage or personal belongings: we will compensate up to the amount equivalent to your insurance policy's excess per person. b. For claims not related to injury, illness, or death: we will compensate up to twice the total price paid by the affected person(s), provided no benefit was received from the booking. c. For international travel and hotel stays: our liability is limited by relevant Conventions and the transport company's 'Conditions of Carriage,' which are deemed part of our contract with you.

4.     You must notify us and our suppliers of any claims strictly according to the complaints procedure outlined in these conditions.

5.     Any compensation received must be assigned to us or our insurers, and assistance must be provided as reasonably required.

6.     We are not liable for damage, loss, or expenses:

a. That could not have been foreseen based on information provided before accepting the booking. b. Related to business activities.

7.     We are not responsible for services or facilities not included in our agreement or advertised in our brochure, such as excursions booked independently.

Prompt Assistance in Resort

If our contract is not performed due to third-party failures or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, resulting in injury or material loss, we will offer reasonable assistance. This may include help finding refreshments, accommodation, and communications, but we are not liable for costs incurred without our prior authorization.


Feedback & Complaints :-

If you have any feedback or complaints, please contact us via email at info@kingslandtour.com or call us at +1 (973) 356-9589 . It is essential to report any dissatisfaction with our services immediately to the Trip Leader so that corrective action can be taken. Failure to report issues promptly may impact our ability to address them effectively and could affect your ability to claim compensation from us. Any complaints made after the trip must be submitted in writing within 28 days of the trip's completion. Failure to do so may hinder our ability to investigate the complaint thoroughly and could affect your claim.

Furthermore, we prioritize your online security when booking with us by implementing the latest security measures and data encryption. Your adventure holiday is important to us, and we ensure it is safeguarded and financially protected.

Privacy Policy :-

To process your booking, Kings Land Tour collects necessary personal details from you. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for comprehensive information. This may include names, addresses, payment details, and special requirements like disabilities or medical conditions. Some information may be shared with relevant travel suppliers, security or credit checking agencies, and public authorities if required by law.

We only use the personal information provided to us as outlined in our Privacy Policy, unless otherwise agreed. We may contact you via post, email, or telephone for specified purposes, and with your consent, we may send future offers or brochures. You can opt-out of our newsletter by clicking the link in our emails or contacting us at info@kingslandtour.com.

By submitting a review form, you acknowledge that the feedback becomes the property of Kings Land Tour, and we reserve the right to use it publicly on our website or in any media for advertising or other commercial purposes.

Photos & Marketing :-

By participating in our tours, you consent to Kings Land Tour using images of you for advertising and promotional purposes across any media platform. You grant us a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide license to use these images for publicity and promotional activities.

Governing Law :-

These terms and conditions, along with all related matters, are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of United States Of America.

While we strive for accuracy, we do not accept liability for any inaccuracies in our brochures or online content, which are correct at the time of publication.