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Dahab (Egypt)

Dahab (Egypt)

Dahab is located some 85 km (53 miles) north of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Gulf of Aqaba, near the southern tip of Sinai. Once an isolated coastal village, Dahab turned into a hippie hangout in the 1980′s and became something of an “alternative resort”, mixing cheap accommodation with a laid back lifestyle. The combination of Red Sea and Sinai desert make Dahab perfect for world class windsurfing, scuba diving, rock climbing and desert trekking with the Bedouin. Add to this cheap accommodation near the beach, inexpensive food and drink and a relaxed atmosphere, and you have a strong enticement for the young and young at heart. Dahab is mostly the home of independent and adventurous travelers, but it also has some more upmarket resorts and hotels. Most of the latter are in the Laguna area or outlying.

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