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Colorful Valley (Egypt)

Colorful Valley (Egypt)

Explore the story of the natural wonders of the Sinai

This place is not only a valley. It is a bright rocky maze that is colored in yellow, purple, and red. In addition to unique patterns similar to swirls that you might get lost in if you look at them for a period longer than necessary.

After visiting the pyramids and exploring the pharaonic heritage, you may wish to explore the colorful valley in Egypt, which is considered one of the “natural wonders in Sinai”, according to the expression of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority.

The Colorful Valley in Egypt is considered one of the “natural wonders in Sinai”. According to the Egyptian Tourism Board.

And the Russian photographer, Ludmila Yilmaz, documented this valley through the lens of her camera during her visit to Egypt….


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