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Category: Coptic Egypt

Cairo (Egypt)

Cairo  is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab world. Its metropolitan area, with a population of over 20 million, is the largest in Africa, the Arab world, and the Middle East, and the 15th-largest in the world. Cairo is associated with ancient Egypt, as the famous Giza pyramid complex and the ancient city of Memphis are located in its geographical area. Located near the Nile Delta, Cairo was […]

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The Hanging Church (Egypt)

Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church . The Church of Mother of God Saint Mary in Egyptian Babylon, also known as The Hanging Church . Is one of the oldest churches in Egypt and the history of a church on this site dates to the third century. It belongs to the Coptic Orthodox Church of […]

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St Anthony and St Paul Monasteries (Egypt)

The monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul are the oldest Christian monasteries; they both date back to the 4th century AD, when monks began to settle at the foot of the Red Sea mountain of Galala Al-Qibliya

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